Cuba Continues Their Long Campaign Of Medical Diplomacy By Sending Doctors To Italy

 April 3, 2020      
Cuba Continues Their Long Campaign Of Medical Diplomacy By Sending Doctors To Italy

Since Italy continues its struggle against the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, Cuba has shipped 52 physicians and nurses into the nation to provide help. The superb practice of Cuban physicians in addition to the fact that they’re utilised to working in precarious and insecure situations will offer invaluable aid for the Italian men and women.

For almost 60 decades, Cuba has been delivering health care professionals around the globe. It does so in solidarity with people in need, but also within a concerted effort of health diplomacy and to earn cash to help the nation endure a continuing US embargo.

Dependent on the socialist theory that everybody should have exactly the very same chances in life, Cuba thought these ideals must be appropriate at the international level.

Cuba sent its initial long-term assignment of Cuban physicians to Algeria in 1963, a nation facing a territorial battle with Morocco. Since that time, Cuba has delivered over 400,000 health professionals to operate in 164 nations, based on data released by the state websites.

They’ve helped both in disaster aid, and to give access to health care for those residing in remote places, such as in Venezuela and Brazil. These interventions have been born from trade cooperation arrangements involving the receiving country and Cuba, where the Cuban authorities gets paid in money or in products.

In 2019, over 28,000 Cuban health care professionals were working overseas. The Cuban government recently confirmed its medical assignments will be preserved and that, where required, the services supplied by their physicians would concentrate on combating the virus.

The national media never misses an chance to present Cuba’s internationalist physicians as personalities, responsible for providing hope to people all around the world that are in dire conditions. Pedro, one of the physicians I interviewed as a part of my study in the life stories of Cuban health care employees, explained that the uniqueness of the Cuban physicians position:

The health care provider could be or from the other nation, but not each physician will forfeit their life and place themselves at risk to save lives, and this without any type of financial damages. This is some thing we Cubans just do.

Critics And Fugitives

Some indicate the actual interests of this programme are both diplomatic and economic and it allows Cuba to change scrutiny from its poor human rights record.

Others have criticised what they view as the “discerning humanitarianism” of this programme, calling attention to the decreased numbers of physicians available to the Cuban people as a result of high quantities of physicians working overseas. In my study in Cuba, I have seen long waiting times in medical centers and several of the folks I interviewed talked with a lack of persistence in healthcare.

In terms of the physicians and nurses who participate, their involvement isn’t necessarily driven by solidarity however in some instances from the chances these assignments represent for their families. Many will also be able to ship products like fridges or other household appliances for their own families while they are gone.

Many have accused the Cuban government of utilizing them as contemporary slaves.

A Moment For International Cooperation

Cuba consistently offers its medical assistance, but Italy is your very first developed European nation that has made a decision to take it. It is this exact same brigade that has gone into Italy.

Back in 2005, while awaiting Bush’s response, Castro made apparent what ought to be in the center of decisions in times of tragedy:

This isn’t a war between human beings, it’s a war to the life span of human beings, it’s a war against diseases, against replicating calamities, and among the first things that this world ought to learn especially today, with all the changes which are occurring as well as the happenings of the sort, would be to collaborate.

While everybody might not agree with Castro’s revolution, maybe this is a second for the entire world to place ideological disagreements aside and concentrate on the worldwide war against coronavirus by working together.